10 Pizza Toppings Good for your Health

10 Pizza Toppings Good for your Health

Don’t believe everything you hear. The internet has a boatload of information and sadly – most of it is of questionable integrity. Chances are, you’ve come across bloggers arguing that most pizza toppings are bad for your health. They even give pizza a bad name insisting that it’s full of unhealthy fats and calories.

Are All Pizza Toppings Healthy?

Of course not. Do your research. Pizza is a favourite pie for many without a doubt. Favourite because it comes in various tastes; flavours one can say. This is where the pizza question comes about of course. What are the best toppings? Many opinions are out there but some pizza toppings just can’t be ignored. Chefs and pizzaiolos alike couldn’t deny their consent to that statement. Who said that all pizza ingredients are unhealthy? Here are twelve healthy pizza toppings.

1. Pepperoni

pepperoni - one of the helathiest pizza toppings

An American salami variety with a red bright colour. It is made from pork that is cured and beef. Curing the pepperoni protects against decay and adds various nutrients to the pizza. This combination gives pepperoni a smoky and soft taste making it a perfect match to your pizza. It is thinly sliced as a topping to give your pizza a piquant taste that will melt in your mouth with delicious ecstasy. The edges of the thinly sliced pepperoni pieces give the pizza a charred bite. Not surprising that this topping is so popular in America! In addition, the pepperoni can be rolled to a sausage to make a pizza sandwich. Isn’t it among the healthy pizza toppings?

2. Sausages


Sausage as a topping has a rich history behind it that sets a precedent that is hard to beat. Italian sausage is the best match to your pizza though others also provide perfect options. Sausage on pizza is amazingly delicious with a sweet and nice spicy taste. Common nowadays is the art of mixing different flavours in the same sausage; this can aptly suit your pizza to elevate it to a complex spicy profile unknown to other ingredient’s. Some flavours include red pepper (spicy) and fennel. Pizza machines are perfect for making this sausage topped pizza. No wonder this combo is so common among doctors!

3. Bacon


It’s no surprise bacon made it to our most popular pizza toppings list. It may not have history on its side but it earns a piece of the pie due to it crunch and smokiness. Plain bacon on its own is a win but it’s a win-win when used as a homemeade pizza toppng – especially with bacon. Achieving different flavours when cooking pizza with bacon can be achieved using various wood types. Wood fired pizza ovens or even clay ovens are used though it may take some time. An outstanding merit of bacon topping is the seasoning that can be done according to diner’s tastes and satisfaction. It comes with a seasoned taste. Here’s a quick guide on choosing the right oven https://fixmypizza.com/

4. Onions


Away from the meaty allure to the veggie world. Onions, as we know them, have an unparalleled salty sweetness that they gladly lend to the pizza. The onions natural sugars caramelize when cooked in your small oven to give the pizza a pleasant taste sensation induced by the natural sugars. With the traces of onions on the pizza with variously shaped cuttings, the mix is so appealing to the eye and mouth-watering that you can’t wait to have a bite. The crunchy bite of the onions on the pizza is so satisfying. Not to mention the numerous nutrients the onions carry. A nutritious tasty treat all in one mouthful bite.

5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms Vegan Pizza

Solidly at the middle of the pack are mushrooms. Cooking pizza with mushrooms crisps it up to a glorious earthiness. The nutrients in this duo are unimaginable and will give you a healthy treat to fill your belly or just as a snack. A paradox of this blend is its high-water content. The water gives it a soft texture but at the same time takes away some of the taste. Some seasoning and spicing may be needed say using garlic or onions. Mushrooms to be used must also be carefully chosen to have the desired taste.

6. Olives

Olive Oil for detoxification

This topping is decisive but does fulfill expectations by being subtly salty or too chemical. But there is a twist in the tale, not all olives fall under this category! Black olives, which are smaller, have a tasty ferrous sulfate but fall short on the pizzas part. However, the pizza rejoices when these are substituted with natural kalamata olives that are briny. Some may prefer the former for its more nourishing nutrients. The duo of olives may also be combined in one pizza to give a triple threat in one bite. The choice is yours with all these options at your disposal. It’s an olive treat!

7. Ham

The last meat in the bunch is the ham. It is a gummy and thick topping for the pizza. Ham topped pizza is an excellent option for the clay oven during the cookout. Maybe even the wood fired pizza oven upcountry. The thick creamy look does not disappoint when it reaches the mouth. The various ham types diversify this combo to provide a wide range of objectives. Seasoning on the ham alone can give the pizza that taste you are looking for. This is a delicacy you have to taste, a true blend of nutrients and crafty taste. It is less popular among the meat bunch though.

8. Peppers

Peppers are bland if we are fairly speaking; they would have a better rank were it not for this. But the textural element they add to the pizza when on top is invaluable. They bring a certain nice snappiness to the pizza. The various combinations in the condiment of pepper flakes or crushed red pepper enhance the flavor to unreached heights. Dry pepper hardens the pizza as some may like it for a crunchy bite. Pepper is really more about its textural advantage.

9. Spinach

Spinach for Weight Loss
Pizzaiolos can’t quite agree the place for the spinach on the pizza. It grabs a place on the pizza toppings pantheon with no doubt though. Lucky vegetarians! It may lack something in the texture department but for sure it has a nice green taste to tithe top blending of color and taste on the pizza is just incredible. It adds something to the whole pizza profile that other vegetables struggle to achieve. You may not be a veggie but try out this topping, it will not disappoint when out of the pizza machine.

10. Pineapple

Pineapples as a healthy pizza topping

When you’re craving sugar, you’re better off enjoying a pizza with pineapple toppings other than down your meal with a litre of Cola. Each Hawaiian pizza is topped up with a generous chunk of pineapple pieces. They have enough Vitamin E and C to see you through the day – literally. Pineapples are rich in manganese and other minerals that help improve eyesight.

People may have a soft spot for the pineapple topping but they widely misunderstand it. Pineapples have an inherent wateriness that muddles the pizza’s texture but the sweet taste that comes with it can’t be ignored. Everything comes at a price! They turn the top into a kind of red mush sweet to the tongue. The water though may be controlled for the pizza not to be too saturated. A watery bite one can say.  Perhaps this is why you should have it in mind next time your’e shopping for veggie pizza toppings. In fact, they were never included in the first pizza recipes. (Read the history of pizza)

11. BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken
Chicken is enriched with proteins and vitamins essential to healthy growth. In fact, there is a debate on whether chicken is the key to world peace but that’s a story for another day. BBQ chicken is considered helpful in weight loss as its rich in proteins. I’m sure you know that we grill Chicken breast when making BBQ chicken. Proteins promote weight loss as they help in alleviating cravings from junk food. This is why BBQ chicken is among my supreme pizza toppings.
Chicken and fish are classified under white meat as they have a lower amount of saturated fat (and unhealthy cholesterols). According to the American Heart Association, we’re less likely to contract cardiovascular ailments if we eat chicken in moderation.


Various toppings are available for your pizza including several others. Your tastes and dietary needs may help you make the right choice but those highlighted above are some excellent options. The choice is yours!