Uuni 3 pizza oven

Pizza oven review

Uuni 3 is a mobile pizza oven fired with wood.  It has the ability to heat up to 500 °C within a span of ten minutes.  It has a cooking speed of 60 seconds and cooks pizzas as large as 13 inches. This pizza oven will give you the opportunity to create a 5 star hotel-quality pizza at the comfort of your home.

Features of the pizza oven

The oven is easily movable. This is attributed to the fact that it has a relatively small weight and this makes it very simple to transport. This is also influenced by its clever design of a removable chimney and legs which are hinged.

This pizza oven is pleasant since it runs on pellets of wood which are both renewable and full of energy. These pellets of wood are usually purchased independently.

The oven is flexible and multipurpose as a result of its capability of not only cooking pizza but also cooking other dishes of meat, vegetables and seafood.

It heats up fast and within 10 minutes, it is able to attain heat temperatures of 930°F .(500°C) This gives it the heat muscles of cooking an authentic Neapolitan style pizza within a short time frame of roughly 60 seconds.

The oven is supplied together with a cordierite stone baking board. This stone is an appropriate baking board for pizza and even other dishes such as meat and vegetables. The stone has a lengthy period and is adapted to withstanding very high temperatures in the interior of the uuni 3 pizza oven. 

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The oven burns down pellets of wood which produces a crunchy, yummy taste on your pizza and other dishes.

The oven’s material composition is a 430 stainless steel which resists both weather and heat. The body of the pizza oven is insulated by ceramic fiber for the purpose of increasing heat preservation. It is also fitted with wooden handles.


What we liked about the pizza oven

This pizza oven is relatively cheap to acquire more so when compared to the price of acquiring other wood-fired pizza ovens. You are most likely to spend only a tenth of what you would have spent on another wood fired oven to acquire this particular oven.

The provision of the cordierite stone as the baking board has improved the taste of the pizzas. Pizzas baked on this oven are usually characterized with a crispy base and crust. They are also golden brown and crunchy.

The Uuni 3 pizza oven is a versatile oven due to the fact that it can comfortably cook other dishes such as vegetables, sea food and meat. It gives you an immense list of other delicacies and recipes to try out.

The pizza oven is very transferable and can easily be transferred to different locations within a short period of time. The fact that it has little weight makes it easy to be stored when not in use.


What we did not like about the pizza oven

The pizza oven once procured does not come in accompaniment of the wood pellets which are the source of fuel.  You will have to buy the wood pellets separately.

The oven outward appearance is mostly stainless steel. The installation of wooden handles on the pizza oven front door and the pellet shoot lid appear not to match with the stainless steel composition of the oven. The wooden handles and the pellet shoot pellets should be improved to better quality material since they denote a cheap image.

Compared to these other ovens, it is relatively complext to setup.

Many people prefer the Uuni 3 pizza oven because of its capability to attain very high heat temperatures for fast cooking of pizzas. However, sometimes this feature is disadvantageous since the pizza oven may just be too hot. When the pizza oven becomes too hot, it will give you a tricky time to regulate the temperatures since it relies on the fuel usage amount. Because of this gravitas issue, we will recommend you to consider picking up a laser thermometer to determine the temperatures of the baking stone. The thermometer will greatly help you to prevent any attempts of the pizza burning.

The pizza oven interior at some times may get a bit grimy and sooty and may unintentionally fall into the pizza or the other dishes. This is synonymous with subjecting the pizza oven to combustion of a lot of wood pellets and using it for a prolonged duration.

The pizza oven fails to provide a perfect evenly spread cooking area; though it’s not that bad as compared to other pizza oven. It is still not a good feature of the oven. Usually the back side of the pizza oven is much hotter as compared to the front side of the oven. The sides of the oven appear to cook more rapidly.



How to make the most out of your pizza oven

Since the pizza oven attains and cooks at very high temperatures, it’s imperative that you be very keen and attentive during the baking process. This high temperature of the pizza oven implies very high chances of burning the pizza. You will need to be very careful so as to spin the pizza around when the back of the pizza oven reaches the highest temperatures.

Make sure you clean up your pizza peel after and before the next use. This will remove any form of leftovers foods which if not removed might be a barrier to the next pizza sliding on the baking stone.

Scrapping of the pizza stone should be a regular process after and before next use. This removes any form of sticking barrier elements for the next pizza.

Be patient enough for the wood pellets to burn down before introducing pizza dough. This is because a bitter taste shall be introduced on the pizza be it you will introduce it into the pizza oven while engulfed in flames.

Maintain thin bases and desist from excess toppings on the pizza. A thin base cooks much better in the pizza oven combined with fewer toppings which ensures smooth sliding of the pizza on the peel.