Commercial Pizza Oven: How to choose the right one

Various considerations have to be made when finding the right commercial pizza oven. Such may include oven size, fuel options, material for the oven among other factors. The best choice will consider the multiple factors to get the most feasible and viable pizza oven.

More people prefer cooking pizza by day other than buying from the pizzeria nearby. While many people think that cooking pizza is a complex affair, it is quite the opposite. You just need the right recipe and ingredients and you are good to go. Perhaps what many pizzaiolos leave out in their recipes is the fact that you need the right amount of heat and fire when preparing a pizza. This can be the difference between a tasty pizza and that other kitchen failure. A pizza oven is just about the right thing you need to give you that heat and fire. We’ve tested various pizza ovens, read our 

Commercial Pizza Ovens.

Commercial Pizza ovens as the name suggests are sized ovens specially designed for cooking pizza, though they may be used for cooking other foods that need high temparatures. They comprised a flatly shaped stone hearth below a dome of brick, ceramic or clay. This design maximizes the ability to retain heat creating a high-temperature environment inside this is the basic design but many different designs are in the market varying in make and size among other features. They include circular and rectangular constructions from concrete, clay and ceramic. Custom made designs with special features also exist.

The Best Choice

Various pizza ovens are out there in the market and making the best choice may be challenging. The simple dream of having a rustic pizza dinner in an idyllic atmosphere may be near yet far. Whether you want one for irregular outdoor entertaining or special occasions. If you share this dream but aren’t sure on how to go by this dream this guide will help you make the right choice. There are a few good multipurpose ovens and here’s a review of the best

Oven Size

This will depend mainly on the number of pizzas you will be cooking.A re you looking to host large gatherings on a regular basis or just for the family once or twice in a week? Think about your budget as well as the amount of space available in your kitchen. The best choice is one that suits the numbers (pizzas) you need while remaining in your budget constraints. This choice should also fit adequately in your available space.

Small pizza ovens with baking chamber between 60 and 80 centimeters in diameter, cook one standard pizza (25-30cm) at a time. It is enough for one or two people. Medium sized ones are enough for an average family since they cook up to three standard pizzas at a time. Large ovens are mainly for commercial purposes. They have baking chambers ranging from a diameter of 100cm to 130cm. They bake up to five pizzas at a time.


The material you use for your commercial pizza oven will impact its price and efficiency. Aesthetics is also directly impacted by the choice of material. Among the various materials are brick, clay, stone and steel. A brick commercial pizza oven is excellent at retaining heat as well as exceptionally fuel efficient. It is also a cost-effective material and is very popular for building commercial pizza ovens. It is common to render bricks in cement for aesthetics and also retain more heat for faster cooking.

Stone is much similar in heat efficiency to brick. However, this can be a more expensive option depending on the type of stone used. This material is mostly preferred because of its aesthetic value. The common and best practice is to use stone for the oven façade rather than in the baking chamber which reduces cost. The cheapest material of the group is clay which is also amazingly fuel efficient. The reason why it is not common is because the construction of a clay commercial pizza oven is a very tricky process. There is a huge risk of the oven, especially the baking chamber, cracking if the clay is not kiln fired properly.

Around the coast areas, in contemporary homes, stainless steel is a popular material for pizza ovens. A steel commercial pizza oven will require less maintenance and is easy to connect to alternative energy sources such as gas for modern style ovens. They are common as part of outdoor kitchens built alongside gas barbecues. In the end, the best choice of material will be made by integrating the various considerations for the right choice.


This will need you to answer two questions. Would you like to enjoy an entertaining long summer evening outside or rather be indoors protected from the various weather elements? Where do you have adequate space?

Indoors will necessitate integrating your commercial pizza oven into your kitchen that may call for a smaller pizza oven. The best thing is to consider this option when renovating and keep in mind indoor pizza oven may need a chimney to get rid of the smoke. On the other hand, we can all agree an outdoor area for homemade pizzas is a great way to make the most of warm weather. However, an outdoor pizza oven may be limited in its usage during tough weather times such as winter. A great choice would be made by considering the weather of your home area, among other things, then deciding outdoor or indoor. Review of this year’s to pizza makers

Portable or Fixed?

If you are limited on space both indoors and outdoors, why not look at the portable oven option. They are generally of steel construction and can be gas powered or wood-fired. Simple to stored and set up since they can be wheeled away. Consider the fixed design in your more permanent home and when moving is unnecessary.

Fuel Options.

Wood fired pizza ovens should be your choice if you love those traditional flavors with charred crispy crusts.They are also a good option for residential homes as they don’t need to be connected to any amenities and are free standing. A less eco-friendly option is charcoal. They bring a different flavor but are less efficient than the former. They are good choices for outdoor ovens.

Some commercial pizza oven use wood

Cleaner options are provided by gas or electric ovens, particularly for indoor ovens. They are more expensive to install and the operating costs may also be higher due to energy costs. The advantage of this combo is the ability to control and vary the amount of heat used for the pizza. They are safer options.


After reviewing the above factors, it’s time to choose the best style of oven for you. This is mainly the shape of the pizza oven baking chamber. The most common styles are the barrel vault and dome shapes. The dome shape is the more traditional; also Pompeii style features a square hearth around a dome baking chamber. Its advantage is that it maintains a consistent temperature for even cooking. The barrel design is similar but exceeds back to provide more baking space. They are prone to having cold and hot spots due to this.

The best choice for the pizza oven will be made by taking into account the various considerations before deciding. One choice may not suit a certain place or user yet it’s the best to another.