Blackstone Pizza Oven Review

Does a type of an oven determine how testy a pizza is? Definitely yes. If same dough of pizza is baked in different types of ovens, the resultant pizza will have varying flavors. Let’s take a look at the Black stone pizza oven.

Blackstone Pizza Oven Review: Features

It is evidently noticeable to the eye that this type of pizza oven is as same in appearance as a standard patio grill. It has relatively lengthy legs with wheels attached for the purposes of mobility.

It has two sides with shelves, a bottom shelf which holds the gas cylinder and the main cooking area with a thermometer installed.

This pizza oven is distinctive from other pizza ovens because of its 16 inch rotating pizza tray installation under the hood of the major cooking area. This feature works either through connection to the main source of electrical power or through the relatively small motor which is powered by 2 D batteries.

The pizza tray is rotated at a slow pace to ensure very uniform cooking. This feature makes the Blackstone Pizza Oven to work very well and eliminate any fears of uneven cooking of one side of your pizza. This gives it an upper hand over the Uuni 3 pizza oven which cooks the pizza in a not so even way. Read the full review here

Not to forget also , is the second pizza stone located on the top of the oven to reflect back the escaping heat onto the top part of the pizza to ensure even cooking of both sides of the pizza.

The oven is powered by a 60,000 BTU burner. This burner heats up the oven within 10-15 minutes and can attain a maximum temperature of roughly 900° F.

It is easily ignited by pushing the button igniter which uses AA battery. The temperature inside can also be varied by the use of the dial. This feature is very amazing since it makes it easy and simpler to oversee the pizza cooking process.


What we liked about the pizza oven

Cooking without stopping/consistently

When in the process of cooking pizza, it is very pivotal that the pizza oven cooks consistently and very uniformly. It does not come to a halt unless you stop it. This is an aspect that is very amazing with this particular pizza oven. The dial ensures that the temperatures of the oven are regulated appropriately and only calls for reduction of temperature when introducing pizza dough again into the oven. You do not need to switch it off. The end product is a tasty and tantalizing pizza with an eye-catching golden brown crunch.

The unique and distinctive rotating tray feature of this oven made us to fall in love with it. Things become very simple and even fun when the rotating tray is functioning. It left us glued at the sight of pizzas spinning and baked all day long. What a wonderful sight to behold?

Basic to use

The oven is extremely simple to use and this has made us to like it. The wheels play an important role of moving it around for purposes of strategic location. This helps to change the grill position and shift it around. You don’t need to be a genius to use it.

As a result of fast cooking, loading and unloading of pizza has been simplified and it’s irrelevant to turn them off when cooking. We recommend the use of the Blackstone Pizza Oven when in need of cooking a lot of pizza within a short span of time. It is very much possible to prepare around 25-30 high quality pizzas within an hour and with a lot of ease.

Here’s how

The 16 inch rotating pizza tray provides sufficient space for pizzas as large as 16 inches. In the market, there are no considerably cheap ovens to cook pizzas 16 inch big as in comparison to this particular oven.

The rate of cooking and the level of quality work of this oven are just outstanding. The availability of the two pizza stone has made it very much possible to effectively retain heat and ensure uniformly cooked pizzas always.


What we did not like about the pizza oven

The chamber has a relatively short height which limits the variety and quantity of foods which can be cooked in the cooking chamber. This has in turn limited the oven from being multipurpose hence it’s not ideal for all rounds outdo cooking activities. I suggest some adjustments should be made on the chimney to increase its height so as to accommodate other variety of foods; this will increase its demand.

There is also a minor problem with the rotating tray and the igniter has also some minor challenges. These shortcomings should be fixed so as to attain efficiency and to improve the quality of the oven pizza.

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How to make the best out of your pizza oven

Let it be mandatory that you wipe down your pizza peel before the next use. By so doing you get rid of any leftover foods and this provides a smooth sliding for the next pizza. Thus you will have an easy time to cook it. This generally stipulates the need for consistently cleaning and ensuring good maintenance of the pizza oven at large.

The pizza stone should be scrapped after being used. This scrapping removes any form of droppings. Perhaps, the droppings may be from the pizza toppings. Accomplishment of this ensures that there will be no sticking problems for the next pizza.

Do not use excess toppings but instead maintain a thin base. Excess toppings interfere with the pizza sliding on and off from the peel. The pizza is cooked more efficiently with a thin base.

The fact that the Blackstone Pizza Oven has an inbuilt thermometer is not enough. This is because sometimes it does not fall short of erroneous results. Therefore we suggest that you should consider using an infrared thermometer which gives more reliable thermometer results in the pizza oven.