Best Convection Oven

1. Breville BOV845BSS Smart Pro Oven Convection Toaster Oven.


The Breville smart oven pro ranks as one of the greatest toaster ovens out there and rightly so. The toaster can replace your full-size oven and save on the energy costs in the meanwhile. Most people even say that the Breville smart oven pro is not a toaster but a smart oven to replace a full sized oven. Why is it a top pick? Let’s see.

Design and Key Features

The Breville Smart Oven Pro is among the best convection oven and has an interior space of 8 cubic feet. This space creates just enough room for 6 slices of toast. The oven is clad all round in stainless steel though interior accessories such as the pizza tray that comes with it are made from metal for better heat absorption. These accessories match excellently with the non-stick interior surface that makes for simple wipe downs. This interior design and features help the oven retain heat well and distribute it evenly.

On the footprint, the toaster oven measures 15 ¾ x 18 ½ x 11”  which makes for an excellent space saver, especially in a small or congested kitchen. Somehow within this space, the toaster features 1800 watts of power, operates as a high-end equipment and can substitute a full-size oven. It also has a wide array of cooking options while at the same time producing fairly and consistently toasted toast as well as browned food. The key to this is the whole unique set of features that the product incorporates.

First and foremost, it features an interior light to keep the oven visible throughout that will enable you to keep an eye as you cook. The light just needs constant cleaning to be visible throughout as food coating may hinder its visibility. The capacity of the toaster is almost a downside but for the fact that it can accommodate a 13-inch pizza comfortably. More than that, it is a 6-slice toaster.

The versatility of the toaster comes from its independent quartz heating elements; 5 in total. They provide infrared cooking ideal for searing food and at the same time maintaining moisture as the inside air doesn’t have to be preheated for cooking to begin. Instead, radiation is directly absorbed by the uncooked food which in turn initiates the cooking process. The hot air just makes for faster cooking and this is compounded by a convection powered unit. An inbuilt fan in the oven that circulates the hot air and strips away cold air that may be surrounding the food.

On the other hand, flexibility is due to the fact that the oven has 10 pre-set cooking functions.These include broiling,baking,roasting,toasting,bagel,pizza,cookies,reheat,warm and slow cooking.


What we liked

  • Intuitive controls that guide the user for a pleasant experience
  • Looks and feels high end
  • The oven is very temperature accurate.
  • Can unequivocally and easily replace a full sized oven.

What we didn’t

  • It doesn’t fit a 9 x 13” baking pan.
  • The temperature preheat accuracy may be questionable.

2. Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Convection Chefs Toaster Oven

The Cuisinart Chefs oven proves itself to be an efficient performer and a versatile option that provides easy operation, convenience and a wide effective array of options. This top contender for limited space cooking is designed to be a handy countertop appliance providing plenty of power to handle many cooking options.

Design and Key Features

This toaster is thoughtfully and attractively designed for intuitive use making it one of the best convection ovens out there. It features four rack positions so as to take advantage of all its settings. Two racks have built-in stops that halt the racks when half-way out preventing spilling and tipping. Interior walls are non-stick for easy cleaning and the front-loading crumb can be removed for convenient interior access.

The oven measures about 22.5 x 18.5 x 13 inches and weighs 32 pounds. A lightweight really! Top of that, a 0.95 cubic feet generous interior holds a 13-inch pizza,9 slices of toast or a 9 x 13” baking pan. Amazingly it can also comfortably handle chicken up to 9 pounds. All this is will use just 1875 watts of power.

Accessories coming along with the toaster include a pizza stone, a baking pan with a broiling pan and two smart baking racks. The Chefs Convection is handsomely brushed with a stainless steel finish and is BPA free.

More than that, multiple features that include turbo convection, convection cooking and a dual cook function combine cleverly with the push of a button for perfect results. The two bottom and three top heating elements as well as the Exact Cuisinart Heat sensors ensure even and complete cooking by producing precise temperatures.Cooking features include bagel, toast, bake, broil, sandwich, pizza, waffle, leftover and keep warm.

A speed convection setting, added to the standard convection fan, circulates hot air faster while saving energy by requiring no preheating.

A clock LCD display backlit with a blue light shows temperature, time, a timer up to 2 hours and cooking functions with a clear digital script on the control panel. They all are selected using the large rotary dial on the panel +30 button increases cooking time when you need more cooking time by adding 30 seconds to the selected instruction. A bright interior light enables one to monitor cooking throughout and also comes on when the door is opened.

What We Liked.

  • The Cuisinart toaster is relatively quiet even when used in turbo mode.
  • The toaster is very well-insulated and thus releases little heat into the kitchen which keeps it cool. A good option during those hot summer days.
  • It features an easy to use control panel with clear display and self-explanatory settings.
  • A dual cook feature makes for saving time with no need to reset operations.
  • Two racks optimize cooking capabilities and efficient operation.

What We Didn’t

  • The light bulb is inaccessible and can’t be replaced at home once it burns out.
  • The larger selector dial is a bit unorthodox being made of plastic instead of metal

3. KitchenAid KCO273SS 12” Digital Countertop Convection Bake Oven.

The KitchenAid KCO273SS Digital Countertop Convection Oven is a high and top end model much comparable to the Cuisinart and Breville. The difference comes at the price with the former being much more costly than the latter two. Supposedly due to its wider array of options and superior quality. You get what you pay for anyway!

Nonetheless, the KitchenAid Convection is indisputably among the best convection ovens and for some good reasons. Let’s delve into the toaster and see.

Design and Key Features.

The outer footprint KitchenAid KCO273SS dimensions are about 18 x 16 x 12.5 inches while being 7. 5 inches high. The interior workable space is a maximum 5.5 inches high from top to bottom which creates enough space to fit a 12-inch pizza or 6 slices of toast. It requires just 1800 watts of power.

This toaster is a standout, to say the least. It combines 9 functions altogether –Asado roast, bake, toast, cookie, bagel, broil, reheat and keep warm. The additional convection feature speeds up cooking by up to 30% which the hot air enables food to taste crispier and brown better. Unique to this toaster oven is the cookie mode where the convection feature automatically reduces temperatures to avoid overcooking.

The model combines control knobs with an LCD display for the best performance. A top cooking function selector knob and a bottom knob to set temperature and time by small increments. Conveniently,the temperature can be converted from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

A trademarked Heat Even technology aids in getting consistent cooking results by turning heating elements off and on for specific functions. Certain heating elements may be turned off automatically as part of the process. It provides better precision for the heating system which gives finer results as opposed to other toaster ovens.

The set of unique features incorporated in the KitchenAid range from automatic shut-off to temperature conversion as well as a timer. The stainless steel top end oven also has a nonstick interior for easy cleaning. Accessories are also nonstick and include a broiling rack, drip tray, multipurpose pan, and a cooling rack. Some of these accessories are unique to this specific model.

What We Liked.

  • The oven features preset temperature and time for various cooking functions that can be changed according to one’s recipe. The memory stores your recipe instructions for quick and easy access.
  • This unique toaster comes with the rare asado roast mode featured only in top end toaster models as part of the cooking modes.
  • A very good substitute for the regular oven especially for a small family.
  • The fan does not rattle in operation and is very quiet, unlike some other toaster ovens.

What We Didn’t

  • The toaster does not have an interior light which makes it hard to check the progress of your food as it can be very dark inside. You may need external light in such situations. An interior light is a key feature in the best convection ovens

4. Black Decker 6 Slice Countertop Digital Convection Toaster Oven TO3280SSD



The Black Decker 6 Slice Countertop Digital Convection Toaster Oven includes almost all, if not all, the phenomenal features you are looking for in a toaster oven. A stylish design adds beauty to your kitchen while the best standard quality material increases its long life. It is affordable, efficient, sturdy and durable. What else could you possibly ask for?

Design and Key Features.

This amazing toaster oven heats up rapidly due to its sleek design along with accurate temperatures for effective and efficient cooking. Its digital display and preheat features are suited well for user convenience making it more user-friendly.The occupies small space while providing a large cooking space due to its large interior. It provides up to 20% quicker cooking time on its wide range of eatables that it can prepare. Such include buns, pizzas, bread, biscuits, bagels, muffins among other baking items. Time and temperature can be set with ease using the intuitive digital controls available.

An exterior transparent glass door makes it very easy to observe the cooking process entirely. More to it, stainless steel design improves durability along with appearance.

A digital screen displays everything about the ongoing process such as the timing and temperature. It can, for example, display the amount of time left to shut off automatically. Oh, yes! It has an automatic timed shut off mechanism. An inbuilt convection fan circulates warm air thoroughly through the oven for fast and even baking.Cooking flexibility is guaranteed by the 3 rack positions available.

You can toast 6 slices of bread in the oven not mentioning the 12-inch pizza that you can bake in the machine. Weighing in at 11 pounds, this featherweight measures a mere 14 x 19 x 12 inches making it a great space saver in your kitchen. It comes with a broiler pan and an external crumb tray. These two can easily slide in and out making cleaning of this toaster oven hassle free before even considering its nonstick interior. In addition, its capacity is enough to bake full chicken and steaks which really is a welcome addition. The model also comes with a removable roasting rack.


What We Liked

  • The Black Decker convection has transparent doors that easily enables one to easily monitor the cooking progress in the toaster.
  • It is one of the most durable ovens of the best convection ovens in the market.
  • The toaster features a much different digital screen compared to other ovens but the screen is much clearer and user-friendly.
  • A completely removable tray makes cleaning the interior much easier and at the same time making it accessible.
  • The user is afforded more precise temperature control using the control options of this design.

What We Didn’t

  • The tray of the Black Decker is imbalanced by having some compartments much larger than others. A slight let down!
  • This toaster oven may only be available in its silver color which may not be appealing to all in any case.

5. NuWave Pro Plus 20633 Oven with Extender Ring.


NuWave Pro Plus 20633 Oven that comes with a stainless steel extender ring is a sure way to speed up your cooking time due to its versatility.It brings modern technology to cooking intelligently to do away with outdated techniques that consumed more time and energy. One of the fastest and best convection ovens in the market. This model truly encourages faster and creative cooking.

Design and Key Features.

The NuWave Pro Oven is a relatively modern countertop oven that uses convection, conduction and infrared cooking technologies. This intelligent cooking appliance discards the need to thaw and preheat when cooking. A compact oven that can hold a 16-pound turkey or a 14-pound ham in its unique design. The unique design more so enables it to boast 75% faster cooking and 75% energy savings compared to other regular ovens. With this modern amazing kitchen fixture, leaving in frozen meat and ending up with delicious food is the order of the day.

This contemporary appliance incorporates smart design into latest technology with jaw-dropping ease. It comes with a black base, reversible cooking rack, digital panel, second cooking rack and an upgraded amber dome made from polyetherimide that enables faster and certainly more enjoyable cooking. An extender ring made from pure stainless steel coupled with an enamel porcelain liner pan go as far as ensuring effective use and maintenance.

The oven is 15.7 inches deep by 15 inches wide by 16 inches high and totaling to a weight of 12.3 pounds. It has a wattage of 1500 watts. The dimensions make a design to produce succulent fish, poultry, meat and vegetables to name but a few.

This modern model allows you to cook to a maximum of a massive 10 hours each time. You can roast, bake, broil, barbecue, air fry, grill and steam various food to the 10 hours. Highly unlikely though. The settings for reheat, delay and warm allow you to cook with set temperatures.Alternatively, you can adjust the temperature using the digital panel from 100 to 350 degrees in intervals of 1 degree each.

The extender ring is 3 inches and the stainless steel rack 2 inches that add to the flexibility of the cooking options the appliance makes available to you. This is truly a modern and contemporary model.

What We liked.

  • The Nuwave Pro plus massively reduces cooking time by using modern technology and efficiently designed features that retain heat well.
  • Preset temperatures allow you to reheat, warm and dealy for up to an incredible 10 hours.
  • It has an elevated cooking rack that allows oils and fats to drip away while retaining natural juices making foods delicious and healthy.
  • Faster cooking ensures you save time and energy.
  • Great flexibility and adaptability of the temperature controls as it can be adjusted by just a degree from 100 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

What We Didn’t

  • The model has limited space and may not fit some foods which one may have hoped to cook faster.

6. Frigidaire Gallery Collection Double Electric Wall Oven 30” with 9.2 Cu Ft Capacity.

The Frigidaire Gallery Collection Double Electric Wall Oven is all about multitasking. The design is a two in one model incorporating several creative features and smart functions.No food can beat this multitasker!

Design and Key Features

The oven surprisingly weighs in at 293 pounds despite the large 30-inch dimensions.This maybe understandably more than countertop oven but the massive upgrade to a wall oven comes at a price. Furthermore, this is lower than other wall ovens ranked as the best convection ovens. The size of the oven enables it to possess some of the best oven features.

Starting with the true convection feature that includes a single convection fan together with a third heating element to evenly circulate hot air for more even and faster multi-rack baking throughout the oven. This is compounded by an effortless temperature probe that takes the guesswork from the cooking by showing accurate and precise internal cooking temperature. The upper oven can be set to the desired temperature which it will alert you once reached. Interactive indeed!

The delay start option really comes in hand. It will allow you to begin cooking based on your schedule by conveniently setting time to begin between 1 to 24 hours. This option, just like the others, is available with express-select controls with which you can set cooking temperature. You can also choose one-touch cooking options. Such is the quick preheat option that allows you to preheat within minutes.

Additional cooking features include power broil and even baking technology. Power broils features added power which means that you can be broiling food faster while even baking guarantees even baking. The one-touch keep warm setting keeps food warm until everyone and everything is ready.

The model keeps cleaning simply by using smudge-proof stainless steel that resists fingerprints and stains in addition to being very easy to clean. An automatic cleaning system includes a steam cleaning mechanism. This 20-minute light entire oven cleaning that is odor-free, chemical-free and fast. The interior is also very to clean manually with its smooth and nonstick surface. It just needs a wipe once in a while. Cleaning could never be easier than this.


What We Liked

  • The model incorporates two ovens with an equal capacity which gives room for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. A faster way of cooking in other words.
  • A flexible rack system and the SpaceWise half rack can be adjusted to make room for larger dishes and accommodating various baking needs.
  • Steam cleaning among other multiple self-cleaning options provides a fast, odor and chemical free cleaning option.
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel greatly reduces stains and fingerprints to ensure the oven always looks spotless.
  • Effortless convection adjusts automatically to convection temperatures from standard baking temperatures for consistent results.

What We Didn’t

  • The Frigidaire Electric Wall Oven uses considerably more energy when ranked alongside the best convection ovens.
  • The oven also needs more space in the kitchen as it is a wall oven, unlike the countertop counterparts.

How to Choose the Best convection Oven

Pizza ovens come in hand when preparing that tasty and crusty pizza with your friends and family in that serene and idyllic atmosphere either outdoors or indoors. The dream of a pizza oven is one shared by many indeed. Whether one to use every day to feed the family or one for specials occasions, a pizza oven is almost a must-have.

Looking for a pizza oven that you can use indoors?

The challenge that comes with having a pizza oven is that you are spoilt for choice with the many ovens out there in the market. How do you choose the best oven for your home? Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the best convention oven-that slice of heaven for you.


An important consideration of the choice of material will directly impact the price and efficiency of your oven. The aesthetics of the oven will also be determined by the material chosen. The common oven materials are clay, brick, stone as well as steel.


If you are after an exceptionally fuel-efficient option, then this should be your choice. They retain the heat generated in the oven by up to 85 percent which has essentially made them one of the best choices when building a pizza oven. Rendering bricks in cement has also become common as it creates more appealing aesthetics for the oven. The cement render also helps retain more heat that helps in faster cooking.


A very similar option to brick, at least inpeel heat efficiency, when used in pizza ovens. However, a stone can be a very expensive option depending on the type of stone you choose. Natural is preferred because of its aesthetic value as it creates a very appealing oven, especially outside your house. Using stone for the façade of the oven instead reduces costs incurred while retaining aesthetics.


This material is commonly referred to as cob, a natural building material obtained from earth, straw, and sand. A cob oven is incredibly fuel efficient and also a very cheap option. This material is not popular due to the high risk of cracking if the clay is not fired properly. The oven is also a tricky one to construct.


A valid option in contemporary homes, especially around the coast, due to low maintenance requirements.Stainless steel to be precise which is not affected by rust. Modern style steel ovens are very easy to connect to gas as a fuel source together with a gas barbecue.

The Size of the Oven

Oven size depends on a number of things, first off with the intended use of the oven. Is it just a family oven or one for a significant gathering once in a while? How many hungry bellies will you be feeding? These will determine the best convection oven for you.

From the foregoing, it is clear the amount of food you will be cooking is the biggest consideration with regard to size. Space and budget allocated for the project will also influence your choice in terms of size.

Small Ovens

These ovens have a baking chamber with a diameter varying from 60 to 80 centimeters. This should be enough for one or two people as it prepares one standard pizza or two smaller ones. A standard pizza is about 25-30 centimeters across its diameter.

Medium Ovens

This is a family sized oven with a baking chamber ranging from 80 to 100 centimeters. It can cook two to three standard pizzas simultaneously. This should be enough for four to six people in a family. A family pizza oven!

Large Ovens.

If you’re feeding a number of guests and need to cook four to five pizzas at a time this sounds more like what you should be after. Large pizza ovens are regarded as commercial ovens. You will have to make a more significant investment for the best convection oven; a large one in that sense.

They generally have baking chambers from 100 to 130 centimeters in diameter which can easily accommodate four to five pizzas on the hearth. A large oven can be priceless though depending on the style, materials, and features you want to be built in the finished pizza oven area.

Fuel Options for Your Oven

The best fuel option is not only the cheapest but also the one that is readily available for you. Why have a pizza oven if you can’t use it anyway? Let’s look at the best fuel options for the best convection ovens.

Wood Burning.

Wood burning ovens are generally free-standing and do not need to be connected to any amenities. This makes it the best convection oven option in residential homes. Additionally, they produce pizzas with the traditional flavor from wood-fired pizzas as well as crispy, slightly charred bases for the pizza. A wood-burning pizza oven is the way to go!


This is a less eco-friendly option that produces differently flavored pizzas from the traditional wood-fired ovens. Though less efficient, it is popular due to the availability of charcoal.

Gas and Electric Installations

More modern and stylish pizza oven use gas or electricity which are cleaner options especially for the enclosed or indoor kitchen. A specialist will be required for the installation of such an oven which significantly raises the costs of the oven on top of its price. Gas cylinder connections are becoming more common than the gas mains options.


Do you prefer indoor fun protected from the elements or outdoor entertainment especially those long summer evenings? Answering this question will be key to deciding the best convection oven for you.


A smaller oven is easier to integrate into your house obviously easier to incorporate if you are renovating your house. You will need to keep in mind that some features will need to be installed such as chimneys to get rid smoke.


A great way to enjoy the warm weather in summer is to have an outdoor area dedicated to entertaining crowds of friends and family while enjoying homemade pizzas. An outdoor pizza oven is a great idea though it will remain idle for most of the winter months as it is fairly open and exposed to the elements of weather.

As a compromise, the best convection ovens can be outside the house but still enclosed for use around the year. A technical ingenious option for you.

Portable Choices.

Why not consider this option if you don’t like fixed options or don’t have enough space either indoors or outdoors. These excellent choices come complete with a pizza stone from home improvement stores and retail outlets. They are steel constructions and can be gas powdered or wood-fired. They are quick and easy to set up for use and can be wheeled away for storage when not in use.

DIY Kits

DIY kits are a great way to express your creativity if you prefer to make your own pizza oven. Several options are available to choose from which are easy to assemble at relatively low prices.


Once you have decided whether you need a small, medium and large oven for your pizza dreams, you will need to figure out the style of pizza that will adequately make use of the space available. The most common pizza oven styles are the barrel vault and dome oven with other shapes also being available for choosing. The shape is generally described in reference to the baking chamber. A façade can be added to the chamber to create the shape that you love and desire.

Dome Shaped Ovens

A more traditional shape also known as the Pompeii or Tuscan style for pizza ovens. The highlight of these pizza ovens is a dome-shaped baking chamber featuring a square hearth or cooking surface at the front as well as a flue or chimney on the top. This style comes with the advantage of consistent cooking as it achieves and maintains an even temperature throughout the oven. The pizza cooks evenly in ovens styled this way. The style of these ovens is made to suit small and medium ovens. Measure temperature with this oven thermometer

Barrel Vault Ovens

A similar structure to a dome shape but extended back further into the oven to create both a larger baking chamber and a larger oven. This produces a flexible oven that can be used for other purposes such as roasting meat and baking bread aside from making pizza.

The downside of this style is the elongated shape of the barrel vault that creates cold and hot spots which need to be well monitored for even and consistent cooking.

Pizza Oven Types.

Your specific needs and offerings will define the type of pizza oven that you will need. Ranging from family ovens to the large commercial ovens for your business. The main types available are conveyor ovens, pizza deck ovens, pizza convection ovens, and wood or wood burning ovens. The different types have different features that make them convenient for their various uses.

Pizza Convection Ovens

Rising utility costs have necessitated restaurants as well as homes to for look ways to save money. There is no greater way to save on fuel costs that with pizza convection ovens. This oven decreases both energy use and cooking time while producing pizzas similar to traditional methods. If you are looking to save the best convection oven are pizza convection ovens.

Pizza Deck Ovens

These ovens feature natural stone shelves onto which pizzas are stacked and cooked. Stones are usually heated before pizzas are placed inside which may increase fuel consumption and costs. They are preferred in most pizzerias mainly because they the authentic crunchy pizza taste that most pizza lovers prefer without much complexity. A less complicated option!

Conveyor Ovens.

One of the slower ways to make a pizza is using conveyor ovens which use a conveyor belt. The advantage is that it can cook several pizzas simultaneously. The pizzas are pulled on a chain conveyor belt through the cooking chamber which ensures the pizzas are exposed to heat from all the parts of the oven.

Brick and Wood burning Ovens.

They are mainly made from brick, clay or a combination of both to make a fuel-efficient oven. Gourmet pizzeria chefs who prefer traditional tasting pizzas by using old-fashioned techniques usually use and favor this oven type. They have a quick baking time as the pizza is exposed to open flames fired from wood or charcoal that are extremely hot. They produced charred crusty pizzas.

In Conclusion.

You will have to consider the factors highlighted above before making an informed choice about the best pizza oven for your home or even business. Some may overlap and you will need to sacrifice on one end in order to get what you really want. Start by gauging the variety of ovens available as well as their affordability especially from the internet. You are most likely to find something nice within no time.

The sheer numbers of varieties available in the market are most likely to overwhelm you but with this information to back you up, you are good to go. Just make sure you know what you want and then go for it. There is nothing stopping you now as you can be sure the best pizza ovens are out there waiting for you.