Best Teething Gel : Read to get things right from the start

Best Teething Gel : Read to get things right from the start

Today's model is a baby, showing yiou how to use the best teething gel. Teething is rather painful as the gums become inflammated
Photo by Seth Dillingham / CC BY

Teething pain is a common phenomenon among many babies but fortunately, many methods exist to help relieve this pain. Gels, teeth soothers and numbing compounds assist to dull the pain when used with great moderation. There are many out there, to be frank, nonetheless, I have used some and I will show you why I chose them. Below are my picks of the best teething gel.

Punkin Butt Teething Oil (best teething gel)

The best option when choosing teething gel for your baby is to go organic. Organic teething gels do not have laboratory-made chemicals that may be dangerous to our babies. That is why I chose Punkin Butt Teething Oil as the best gel for infants.

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I loved the fact that 70% of it is composed of organic products and 30% of naturally extracted resins. Technically,100% of it is naturally made making it less disturbing for us. Moreso, the list of ingredients making up this amazing oil is quite familiar making me less worried about recommending it. Benzocaine may be the only unfamiliar name in that list. Punkin Butt is not a gel per se but a topical serum that relieves numbness even in newborns.We are looking at a teething gel that keeps our babies gums relieved and free from swelling.

Surprisingly,this is the only natural non-medicated teething gel I was able to find. It proved a bit difficult to get all-natural teething gels which would help to keep your agitated infant at bay. The great thing about this teething oil is the fact that it has an instant and long-lasting effect. This can really come in hand when you are dying just to catch a little nap with the kid around. It relieves the babies teeth throughout the night or for the most part of it. Rubbing the oil on the baby’s gums is so relaxing that they always fall asleep when it is done. This is among the best teething gel to get the baby to sleep.

Another thing I really liked was the revelation that there are no additional chemicals to this gel. The main ingredient is an oil blend that contains clove,chamomile, and peppermint that is well known as pain relievers. These ingredients help soother the gums while Grapefruit and Grapeseed extracts are agents that reduce drooling.This, in turn, eliminates the rashes the drool causes on babies cheeks and chin. Day-in and day-out you are secure with this one. That’s why it was my first pick!
What I Liked

  • A natural extract and blend of organic supplements making it safe.
  • Ingredients are quite familiar extracts which are a vote of confidence.
  •  A great reliever of pain and swelling
  •  Instant and long-lasting relief

Winks Naturals Teething Gel Double Pack

Seldomly do we find a teething gel without benzocaine. Looking for the best teething gel may be challenging as most have this chemical agent which poses some risks. But beyond comes the Winks Naturals to the rescue.
I liked this one because its main ingredients have no dangerous agents. It uses bud extracts that serve to lessen the pain when the tooth is ready to erupt. It has a gentle anti-inflammation agent that significantly reduces swelling of the gums.Spearmint, on the other hand, keeps the mouth clean and kills bacteria that may infect the sore and broken gums that happened to push the tooth out. Its a good alternative working just as well without benzocaine.
Another positive factor with the product is that it is alcohol and sugar-free using an alternative sweetener called stevia. The plant is recommended among diabetics and is a kids favorite due to its mild minty flavor. A good mouth freshener too! My baby once swallowed this gel; the sweet taste is a temptation they can’t resist. Anyway, I didn’t panic as the product is safe for swallowing. The relief that comes with this one makes the baby perky.
It is also a topical that offers instant relief from pain in the swelling gums. You would hate it when the baby crawls around the room nibbling on something stiff to soothe the itchy gums but applying Winks Naturals does the magic. The fact that it does not take a dangerous agent to effectively give your baby a happy teething suggests that you don’t need anesthetics. For this reason, this is another one of my favorite.

What I liked

  •  No benzocaine agent
  • Instant relief
  •  Alcohol-free
  • Safe to use

Organic Monkey Cheeky Rub Oil

Organic Monkey Cheeky Rub Oil works as a great teething gel and doubles up as an effective soother for the baby. It acts both as a gentle and safe cleanser for those pearly popping whites and a topical soothing gel for the tender cheeks. The reason why I love this one is that it never ceases to amaze me with its natural products. It is also 100% organic and thus safe for the baby.
I really love caring for my children’s growing teeth and sore gums at the same time and this product just does that simultaneously. It doesn’t have benzocaine or fluoride which makes it just perfect. It only relies on the pure ability of Arnica, Olive, Sweet Almond, and Sunflower oils to relieve the pain of swelling and reduce the inflammation for your little tot.
I also love the fact that it offers new organic flavors for our children not opting for the fruity flavors in the market. The best teething gel for a difference in taste. It utilizes lavender and organic spearmint as the flavoring that is amusingly sweet and scenty for the teeth. I even tried it myself and the fast relief was as I expected.
This one makes one of the best and most loved teething gels safe for babies and infants serving as a soothing agent to itchy and extremely painful gums and cheeks. A decent amount automatically relieves the baby from painful gritting and itchiness. A sure winner!
What I liked

  • No benzocaine
  • Organic product
  • Instant relief from itching
  • Nice flavors for the gel

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder-Bonus Product

This mesh easy to grasp feeder from Munchkin is the compromise you and your baby need. It enables the starving baby to ravenously gnaw, suck and chew foods while learning the tricky art of independent feeding with minimal annoyance. The feeder doubles as a soother for the toddler’s sore gums. Load it up and let the little one go to town.
The feeder features a generous attractive storage pouch that allows you to accommodate just enough food inside. The product is well made, cheap and BPA free. Now that’s great value. There are various appealing colors to choose from depending on your preferences or even those of your baby. The colored mesh helps prevent stains from sitting on.
A secure clasp stops food from falling out of the pouch even when the baby is much playful. They will have something secured to energize especially with the sure grip handle and ring that easen grip.
What I Liked

  • No benzocaine
  • Organic product
  • Instant relief from itching
  • Nice flavors for the gel

Bottom line.
At the end of the day, your baby deserves the best and there is no reason to settle for less. The best thing is to look up to something that you are sure is safe for your child. Don’t take chances!

Tips For Healthy Teething

Teething usually starts within 4 to 7 months in a baby though there is great variability depending on factors like heredity. It may occur later or even earlier than this so there is no need to worry.That, however, does not mean that you don’t have a part to play to help your adored baby develop the best teeth. Helping reduce the baby’s discomfort during this time is just but a mention of the much you could do. I bet you are already worried just like I was before I these proven tips threw light over my shade of infant knowledge.I feel obliged to share so let’s get down to business.
Teething may cause low-grade fevers, crying, drooling and desire to chew among babies. More often,gums around emerging teeth will be tender and swell. The best option here would be gentle rubbing and massage on the gums with a finger. Expect a quick bite as rub though as the gums are quite irritable during this time. A cute smile may follow!
The next thing that should crop up in your mind when you see these first teeth is how to clean them. Contrary to what many think, babies teeth should always be clean as they are more susceptible to cavities during this time. Simply brush the teeth using a soft child’s brush as soon as they are visible. Never let the baby sleep with milk or food, especially in bottles, in the mouth. This prevents milk from pooling and creating a breeding area for decay around the teeth. You may also use a gentle cloth to clean the babies teeth.