Vegan Pizza: Quick recipes

Vegan Pizza: Quick recipes

The vegan pizza has thrived! If you are a vegan you know you are in the minority when you walk into that restaurant. But surprisingly, vegan food has become a trend to contend with. Vegan pizza is no exception as the veggie based cuisine continues to grow. Meat pies notion is no longer the default position as society’s culinary choices get more eclectic.

Classic vegan pizza

The classic vegan pizza favours the vegan spectrum and skews to the better side of organic veggie ingredients. This pizza has brought the meat-free diet into the mainstream with its golden age. The history of relegating this pizza to emulate low-end mozzarella is behind us. Has the vegan pizza finally become good enough? The answer is simple enough, vegetarian or not; a greasy and cheesy pizza is just irresistible. This is not the pie you tried some years ago at that local café. The vegan pizza wave is fast hitting us by storm! Interested on testing your baking skills? Try these pizza ovens

Pizza ingredients

Be sure you can get the party going with the vegan pizza recipes out there. From the buffalo cauliflower wing that comes with cheese spread to the vegan yack attack with the mozzarella mac pizza (deep dish).The best thing about this pizza is that the veggies can also be used as a topping. Blending them with great harmony and the delicious aroma that hits you is irresistible. The mushroom pizza with white broccoli does this so well that world-renowned restaurants use it for the display next to the buffet. Perhaps the best of these pizzas is the vegan pepperoni pizza which well-made its name during the vegan pizza day back in 2014.

Fruits and vegetables

Indeed, both

vegetables and fruits in their diverse varieties can be used in the vegan pizza recipe.

Lemons, black beans, nuts, garlic, olives, tomatoes and even corn. Pizzaiolos now combine these ingredients in their diverse flavours with great harmony into one crunchy bite of that vegan pizza. The Margherita and salad pizzas are a great example of the tasty combos on offer. Clever! The sauce can be added to taste and the wide array of spices as in other pizzas to your tastes

Vegan Cake

The sudden surge of the vegan diet especially the vegan pizza has taken us by surprise. This is no fad or scare tactic when you come to light about the immense benefits accruing just in one mouthful bite. You may be a veggie or not but you will agree you really want to become and live healthier. Take all the vegan jokes in stride and you will reap immense benefits. Glowing skin, weight control and more energy are on the menu for you. Not to mention that vegan pizza business is now booming in most countries.

Making Vegan Pizza

If you are not in the mood for ordering your vegan pizza, making one is quite simple actually. You just need the right vegan pizza recipe. Use these tips to follow a pizza recipe better. The best thing about these recipes is that the ingredients can be interchanged; especially the crusts and toppings to give more than a hundred combinations in from one recipe. There are various crusts for our pizza but let’s mention some of the best. The vegan cauliflower pizza crust is a must make. Mostly topped with yoghurt dip and cucumbers for an easy and delicious bite. Teff crust is really for the vegan spice lovers as it combines amazingly with the deep flavour of spice blends. You will need a larger spice rack when you top it with mission wot.

You have to try out the best gluten-free pizza crust! The kale quiche crust (millet chickpea) is gluten and yeast free. It is a favourite for many due to its versatility. It can be baked into an individual side or be made into a quiche. You have to love this one when you top it with Daiya, bell peppers, olives, cherry tomatoes and /or okra. Yes, Okra! Load the spinach and mung bean sprout crust with some beet pesto and delicious cashew cheese and you will not regret. It is also yeast and gluten free.

Popcorn Rosemary Crust Toppimgs

Let’s get to the chopped challenge with the popcorn rosemary crust. Top toppings for this one are the butternut squash, kale, tomato sauce and tempeh. The toppings can also be crusted with popcorn to make it more amusing. Wheat and barley are other perfect options for your crust. Ranging from the sesame barley crust to the whole wheat crust(100%). Wheat offers so much on the table you could make it a monthly fixture. Wheat semolina crust(hardy) can make a very deep pie while the lighter Kamut wheat crust makes the pizza carby! Kamut is ancient wheat that is much more nutty, creamy and nutritious. Maybe you need some white bready goodness with the pillowy white crust to get a break from the whole grains’ crusts.

The vegan pizza dough recipe for an artisan pizza when your sleeves are rolled up for a quick work out to perfectly knead the pizza dough will need some all-purpose flour, obviously. Easy to make using either method: cold or hot water with some instant yeast. This cannot be missed by our new pals at veggie society and had to be shared. A colourful mix of toppings to include bell peppers, asparagus and scallions can be quickly sautéed and this will certainly be perfect for your recipe. Marinara sauce and some vegan provolone will be more than enough when added.

Cheese Pizza

Vegan cheese pizza. Have you tried it? The many varieties out there could fill a pantry but the vegan cheese in them standouts. It does not slice like fresh dairy mozzarella and its soft texture is not shreddable. This cheese beautifully melts and browns from the blobs to fill the vegan pizza with gooey pockets mildly sweet and salty. It is often made from coconut oil and cashews so there is no chemical or weird taste. On cooling, the cheese sets up so nicely that it does not stretch like those in the pizza commercial. It just tastes better and that is what matters!

Is it rare?

The crust is made from garlic herb. Add sautéed veggies in tons and simple tomato sauce. Not to forget vegan parmesan cheese in the mix. Tons of flavours in a thin crust.

The best vegan pizza is hard to come by but it is ridiculously satisfying.

This is an Italian-inspired, gluten-free and vegan cuisine. In addition to the above ingredients, you will need loosely chopped bell peppers in their various colours, chopped onion, button mushrooms(chopped), garlic powder, oregano, dried or fresh basil and sea salt for the pizza and sauce. Some granulated sugar will also prove worthwhile to the sauce. Add red pepper flake and dried oregano to the vegan parmesan cheese topping and you are home and dry with the right recipe. This one nutritious and delicious bunch.