thermopro tp20 review

Wireless meat thermometer review

A Thermopro TP – 20 Remote Thermometer manufactured by i-Tronics is one of the best wireless thermometers. It is very easy to use. It works with two probes which enables you to keep watch on two types of meat. With the  You only need to insert the batteries, turn on all the units and plug the probes. It is then ready to work. Here’s the full thermopro tp20 review



It is fitted with a variety of alarm notifications when certain phenomenon occurs. For instance it contains alarms for programmed times and temperatures. Therefore you can have it programmed in line with your own decision such that when the temperature or the time you have set for your meat is attained it notifies you. It will definitely help you to get rid of any guess work and you will be in a position to cook your food in an efficient way.


It also has the choice of switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius. This gives you an option of settling on the unit variety of your choice.

It is fitted with a metallic mesh coated wires that can withstand very high temperatures of up to 716 F° (380° C), this metallic mesh therefore provides a lengthy working period for the wires.

Looking for an oven to pair it with?

It has a step-down tip which is characterized by a relatively thinner end as compared to the rest of it. This is to give you a lot of ease when inserting it into the meat.

A sophisticated splash proof casing is fitted on the receiver. A pullout counter top stand is also fitted on the receiver and a belt clip which is for easily keeping it on you for convenient using.

The probe has a timer counting up and down which have the capability of being programmed with the time duration options (99min 59 sec or 99 he 59 min)

In conditions where there is low lighting, still it can function very well through the large LCD display with a complete backlight fitted on the receiver.

There is a simple system which automatically connects the transmitter and the receiver by draining power from batteries when you power them. This is achieved through a simple setup of both the receiver and the transmitter.

The temperature and timer settings are saved when even the unit is powered off.  This enables you to maintain your settings for as long as you want.

It has a rubber case sleeve for protecting the device. In order to ensure efficiency in working, proper use and maintenance of this thermometer is inevitable that is why the rubber case sleeve is in place to shield it from direct water. This makes it ideal for use in convection ovens. Read our guide


It has an option of nine USDA approved temperatures for different meat. These types of meat include; fish, poultry, lamb, chicken, pork, Ground beef, beef, Ground poultry and veal. It also gives accuracy to the level of ±1.8 °F.


What we like about the thermometer

We stand in support of the Thermopro TP 20 because it is very simple to use. Though it is composed of several features still there is simplicity in using it. It has a very good wireless range and can enable you move a distance of up to 300 feet from the transmitter. This aspect gives you the freedom to work on other engagements such as cleaning up the dishes as your meat is being cooked. As long as you have attached the receiver on your belt, you don’t need to be worried about your movements and the meat getting burned since you are already sorted with the alarm notification you have set. However, make sure that you limit yourself within the 300 feet distance from the transmitter.

It supports cooking in both outdoor and indoor settings. Therefore it’s multipurpose and serves both situations. Its ability to support outdoor cooking will enable it to make the cooking experience in the outdoor setting an appealing and simple task.

It saves a lot of time. We recommend that it should be used especially by the beginners since it’s an outstanding option for cooking meat. It will definitely give efficient cooking outcome. Tip: Most beginners love baking with this oven

It is also relatively cheap and quite affordable. This has made it available for use especially in comparison to the Maverick E7. 733.

Its display is very easy to read since it is very clear. This is attributed to the fact that it is a large LCD display.


What we did not like about the thermometer

The Thermopro TP 20 has no range below freezing. It ranges to a minimum of 32° F. This proves to be problematic for instance in a situation where you have cold food temperature need.

It does not give the right and deserved offer if you want to monitor several foods at the same time.

The second probe lacks the efficiency of monitoring meat.


How to make the most out of your oven/pizza oven usage tips

Always ascertain that all your connections are inserted in correctly. Therefore you should read the instructions and the guidelines for using the Thermopro TP 20 properly. Otherwise you may mistakenly conclude that your thermometer is not working.

In order for the thermometer to last longer, proper cleaning and good effective maintenance is a very important factor. However, when cleaning the probe be very keen never to allow water to come in touch with the cables. Failure to comply with this may lead to breakdown of your thermometer.

Strive to avoid any formation of carbon on the tip of the probe which if not checked will insulate the sensor. These will give erroneous readings. Thus make sure that the tips of the probes are kept very clean always. You can consider using a piece of cotton for instance a wet towel or wet sponge and wipe away any traces of carbon.

The thermometer has a scale with a specific level of the highest temperature it can read. Exposing the thermometer to temperatures above its maximum temperature limit is destroying it. Always make you that you maintain the temperature that you expose the probe to be below its highest rated temperature.