Best Pizza Peels

Best Pizza Peels

What is a pizza peel?

What comes to mind when we hear the words “Pizza peel”? We definitely know what a pizza is, how it looks like, how it tastes, smells and even how it’s shaped, right? However, some, if not most, of us do not have a clue about the tools used to make a pizza, one of them being a pizza peel.

What then is a pizza peel? A peel, in definition, is a shovel like object used by bakers to slide bread, pizzas and pastries in and out of an oven. Get the best pizza oven here. It is basically a huge flat shaped shovel used to handle bread, pizzas and pastries when dealing with an oven. Peels can also be referred to as shovels or paddles; whichever name works for you. This tool basically consists of two parts: the carrying surface and the handle.

Here are the best peels of 2018

Pizza Peel 
1. Bamboo Pizza PeelCheck Price
2. Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza PeelCheck Price
3. Stainless Steel Peel with folding handleCheck Price
4. Aluminium Pizza Peel with a wooden handle Check Price
5. Iron Wood Pizza Peel Check Price

Pizza Royale Bamboo Pizza Peel

Have you ever been skeptical about which pizza peels would be best for you? If you have found yourself asking this question then it means that you have had a bad experience. This article was made specially for you. You might have been a victim of broken or splintered pizza peels. I once had these problems until I came across the bamboo pizza peel.

Firstly, this peel is one of the most aesthetically pleasing I have seen. It can act as a piece of art in your kitchen as well as serve its purpose. Its quality is so remarkable and outstanding as compared to other peels I have used. It has a very satisfying size. The peel has a large surface where the pizza can fit perfectly and it is also small enough at the same time to fit into a pizza oven.
We all are looking for a peel that will not see us rushing to the store to get a new one frequently. Durability is therefore one of the best qualities this peel possesses. You can stay with this peel for many years without even thinking of replacing it. If you take very good care of it then it might serve your whole generation.

Complains about chipped and warped peels will be a story for the past since it is specifically made from bamboo which is known for its durability and good quality. Bamboo pizza peels are very smooth since they are made from bamboo trees which naturally have a perfectly polished feel and look. The peel requires low maintenance due to its smoothness hence making cleaning so fast and easy.
The peel has well tapered edges. This facilitates easy gliding while picking the pizza from the oven or into the oven from the pizza stone. The bamboo peel is also preferred among many people since it has anti-microbial properties. The pizza peels are always used on starch and they also get into contact with water. As we all know, bacteria like infesting starchy or moist places. The properties in the bamboo therefore come in handy. They kill all the bacteria and as a result your family or friends will be saved from bacterial contamination.

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  • Easy to clean hence it is of low maintenance.
  • Durable-this is due to its bamboo material.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing. Can be used as a piece of art.
  • Provides firm and comfortable grip due to the shape of its handle.
  • Light in weight hence easy to lift.
  • Eco friendly



  • Short handles hence tricky to use in a deep oven



I would highly recommend the bamboo pizza peel since I have used it for a very long time. I have seen and experienced all of its benefits. They are inexpensive and very durable and easily available since they are made from local resources. The shortcomings of these wooden bamboo peels are very minor and they do not stand out strongly like the advantages that they possess. If you want a peel that will bring all sorts of happiness in your life then get yourself this pizza peel.

Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

Just like bamboo pizza peel, the acacia wood pizza peel is very beautiful and can be used as a piece of art in the kitchen. I find it very exciting getting a tool that does not just sit in the drawers but can also improve the look of my kitchen. Acacia has a very good quality hence this highly reflects on the peel.
This peel is truly very remarkable as it is multi purposed. Apart from its intended purpose and being a piece of art, it can act as a plate too whereby you can serve food on it. All this is possible because of its shape. It has a big surface area that allows pizza to be placed and this makes sliding it into the oven very convenient.
Its diameter, which is 14 inches is very perfects as it can be accommodated by basically all the pizza ovens. Another advantage of its shape is that it allows for easy collecting of the pizza from the oven. This is made possible by its sharp-edged front. Another important feature about this pizza peel is that it is a heavy-duty peel thanks to its material. It can be used to carry very heavy foods without it breaking or getting deforming.
It has loop hole with a loop hanging from the edge of its handle which makes storing it very easy. You can choose to hang it on the wall to make a statement.
• Sharp edge to allow easy sliding in of the pizza from the oven
• Loops to make storage easy
• Large surface area hence accommodates large pizzas

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  • Pizza Does not stick to its surface
  • Has a beautiful design



  • Too thick hence making it difficult to offload pizza



As we all know by now that wooden pizza peels are really great, I would specifically recommend the acacia wooden pizza peel since I have experienced all of its wonderful advantages and all the amazing features. Get this pizza peel and I promise you all you friends and family will envy you for it. This even makes the pizza making process be so interesting and fun.

Stainless Steel Pizza peel

Nothing annoys me most like getting burnt while sliding pizza in or out. Ovens are very hot places so you have to use the right tools in order to avoid accidents. One thing with the stainless-steel pizza peel is that it is designed in a way that minimizes this accident or totally overcomes it. It has a long handle that ensures easy sliding of the pizza in and out of the pizza oven.
Like its name it is made out of stainless steel. The handle is made out of foldable rubber and that provides grip stability. The foldable rubber feature saves up on a lot of storage space. It has a loop hole that ensures that the peel can be hanged if you prefer storing it by hanging. It is very thin. The thin edges make sliding the pizza in and out of the oven very easy as compared to other peels.
I also like the fact that this pizza peel is so easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe. This made me so drawn into it in the first place. I hate having kitchen tools that require too be hand washed after every baking since this takes time and it is so boring to begin with.The peel is also very sturdy hence carrying any amount of pizza weight won’t leave you cleaning the floors after the pizza has dropped. I always look at how sturdy a peel before buying it.
• It is constructed from stainless steel that is made of very high quality.
• Fully extended handles that prevents burns.
• Its handle is made of comfortable rubber for easy grip.
• The handle also contains a loop hole to allow for it to be stored by hanging.

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  • Cleaning up is easy. (No wooden parts)
  • Made up of quality stainless steel.
  • Foldable handle (less storage space required)
  • Has thin edges (Can easily slide easily under pizza during preparation and after baking)
  • Rubber coated handle for better grip and easy handling.
  • Dishwasher safe (less cleaning work after baking.)



  • Too thick hence making it difficult to offload pizza



I really think that that everyone who is pizza crazed should consider giving this peel a chance and see how it will transform lives. Nothing about this pizza will make you regret ever purchasing it. Sincerely the cons are so little that they will hardly impact you purchasing decisions and this is because most of them are controllable.

Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle


The aluminum pizza peel is one of the best pizza peels there is. It has very long handles. The long handles facilitate easy gripping when someone is using them. Imagine how much precious time one would have to waste if the handles were not easy to grip. The peel would be so hard to balance and eventually slide off the arms.
On top of that, this long handle keep you away from the direct source of heat therefore one can use them without necessarily having to wear oven mitts. Another thing with the handles is that they are well reinforced and as a result there is added stability for one handling the pizza peel. It has very smooth surfaces therefore making it very easy for one to get their pizza into the oven hence saving time and thereby getting on to better things like serving and eating the pizza.

Truth be told, whether you are rolling dough on your own at home or buying pizza that is frozen from apizza store, whether you are cooking your pizza in a grill or an oven, an aluminium pizza peel will give you the outcome you have been craving for.
It has good resistance to deformation
It is safe to use
It is very comfortable to use

This pizza slide is suitable for both professional use and also for home use. They come in arrange of sizes to suite the wide variety of ranges of ovens .For example, there are some that are 61cm in length and others that are 91.5 cm in range.They are very easy to clean and hand washing is the mode of cleaning that is highly recommended.

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  • It has a very stable.
  • It is light in weight
  • It has a blade like edge that enables it to slide the pizza in and out very easily
  • It is very durable



  • Dishwasher incompatible



TIP: Never use a dishwasher to clean it, it will end up discoloured and ugly that it was before and its handle may chip.

I would comfortably and confidently recommend anyone looking for a pizza peel to get the aluminium Peel with the wooden handles. For the period of time that I have been using it never once did the thought of replacing it with something new creep up into my head. Get it and forever be happy with your pizza results.

Iron Wood Pizza Peel

You can bake the best pizza quality in the comforts of your own home by using Iron wood Gourmet Pizza peel made of acacia wood. First of all, acacia is such a beautiful wood that is very rich in shimmering colors. It’s truly a statement piece of art in your kitchen. It has edges that are slanted to allow for easy input of the pizza into the oven and also easy scooping out from the oven once the pizza is already cooked. It has a very strong handle with a broad base to allow the person using it to grip it well enough and reduce any chances of it sliding off the pizza. It also includes a small loop hole for hanging onto a wall or any other form of storing it so that it can dangle freely.
Iron wood Gourmet tools should never be soaked. The reason why it should not be soaked is because it is made of wood. Wood gets spoilt or split once soaked into water. They should however be thoroughly washed in soapy water that is lukewarm and then finally rinsed with clean water. It should also be noted that products made of wood should never be dish washed. This is because of its laminated strips that may split in the dishwasher.
Once these tools are dried, the wood should be protected by rubbing it with oil. The oil should be allowed to soak into the wood well before the tool is used again. This oil popularly known as Butcher Block Oil helps the wood preserve its natural colors and also prevent cracking.

• Has a slanted edge to allow ease when putting the pizza into and out of the oven.
• They have thinly coated wood
• They have a gourmet to allow for flexibility in storage and hanging.

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  • It’s made from acacia strips of wood that are laminated hence making it very attractive as kitchen equipment.
  • It has a wide handle especially towards the base to provide good grip while cooking in the oven.
  • It has a slanted edge that facilitates ease when it comes to returning cooked pizza onto the peel.



  • Cannot be dish washed
  • Requires special oils to maintain it.


My friend who saw me using this peel went and bought it and she loves it very much. No peel really compares to this remarkable peel. You get your own ironwood pizza peel and join in on the exciting experience. Don’t be the only person who is not updated.

When choosing the right pizza peel, you first have to be aware of the main uses of a peel and the different types of peels so as to make your pick more informative. The main uses of the peel include placing, positioning and removal of bread, pastries and pizzas into the oven while still maintain the crisp and neat shape of the pastries and most importantly, protecting the baker from any burn injuries.

Interestingly, there are different types of peels to cater for the needs of each individual taking into account their shape and size, design material, length of peel handle and cost of the peel. Let us take a closer look.

  • Shape and size

The rectangular peel has a close similarity to a grilling spatula you would come across at a burger joint (of course, larger). This peel comes in two variants: one with the regular sharp edges and another with a semi-circular edge at the top. A rectangular shaped peel has been considered as the traditional choice for a peel as it offers a larger area of contact between the pizza and the grip point. The round peel has a somewhat striking resemblance to a table tennis paddle. This is a good choice as it can accommodate the whole shape of the pizza.

Both peels come in varying sizes, which can range from 12 square centimetres (narrow) to 1 square meter (wide). Where one would choose the rectangular peel, it is advisable to go for one that is considerably large to accommodate the whole pizza and not leave the sides of the pizza hanging out.

  • Design Material of carrying surface

The material used to make a peel has a great impact on the preparation of the pizza in toto.

Wooden peels are considered when the building of the pizza can be directly done on the peel. However, if you so decide to build your pizza on a different surface from that of the peel, preferably a cold surface such as granite or marble surfaces, you can still use the peel to scoop the pizza off the building surface, but you would need a pair of tongs to give the pizza dough a bit of a lift because a wooden pizza peel is thicker than a metal peel. Be careful when doing this because the shape of the pizza can easily be distorted. A metal peel can also be used for the same task and it is actually more preferable to a wooden peel as it is thinner thus easier to work with.

Nevertheless, metal peels run a higher risk of the dough sticking on the surfaces due to condensation caused by the dough being warm and surface cold. They also have sharp edges, which can lead to cutting oneself when handling and washing. When it comes to deciding on which kind of metal peel you would like it is good to consider that stainless steel works well with a dishwasher but aluminium is lightweight thus easier to handle.

Dough on a pizza peel

It is also important to remember that metal peels are fireproof while wooden peels are not. This is a key factor to be considered when choosing a peel; safety first as always. Additionally, wooden pizza peels have a faster wear and tear resulting into jaggedness. The thought of ingesting pizza laden with specks of wood would be an awfully terrible experience.

  • Length of handle

Lengths of handles range from very short (about 6 inches) to very long (1.5 metres and above). A short handle would work if the oven in use is not as deep such as a friendly home oven but if it is an oven used in bakeries a longer handle will be required as those kinds of ovens are deep so as to accommodate many pizzas due to mass production. Please note that both peels have varying handle sizes, taking into account the depth of the oven.

  • Cost

The cost of the pizza peel should also be considered when choosing the right peel for you and we all know just as with other things, the quality dictates the cost, rather price, of the peel. If you are a professional you are better off with a high quality peel which will of course cost more as compared to a fair quality peel which may be more suited for pizza fanatics and baking enthusiasts.

How to use the peel

After having known the above considerations, picking the right peel will become less of a challenge. So now you have the right peel for the job. Great! But how do you use it? There is nothing as irritating as having kneaded your dough so well, shaped it perfectly, put delicious sauce and toppings then when it comes to putting the pizza into the oven it refuses to slide off the peel! One shake, two shakes, three shakes and nothing! That could be the epitome of your frustrations that day, even week. You just may have ruined a midday snack, lunch or worse, dinner and have to face your family and friends with their foul moods caused by the failed meal. To avoid all that (and more) it’s better to know how to use the peel before you actually start using it in the kitchen. If you find it hard folowing  a recipe, try this instead.

First things first, similar to making “chapati” or “roti” dough, prepare the dough on a separate surface from the peel and make sure to sprinkle sufficient amounts of flour on the surface before you start kneading the dough so that it doesn’t stick on that surface also. Secondly, coat your peel with enough flour or cornmeal. The cornmeal or flour particles acts as a layer which will prevent direct contact of the flour from the peel surface and also provide mobility of the dough when it’s time to slide into the oven. Here’s my post on shopping for one. Please note to use the cornmeal sparingly as too much of it can lead to the burning of the cornmeal and you would not want a burnt and smoky pizza.

Thirdly, speed is required when your dough lands on the peel’s surface as the dough will start absorbing the flour on the peel and then start sticking on the peel. If you decide to build your pizza on the pizza peel (which may take a bit of time), check from time to time whether your dough is starting to stick. If you notice it is slide some flour underneath that specific part. You could also periodically shake the pizza dough so as to ensure that it doesn’t stick. Lastly, when getting the pizza off the peel and into the oven, use a back and forth motion. The weight of the pizza will cause it to move forward with every jerk. Remember to do this quickly as a metal peel will begin to heat up and the pizza will potentially stick on the metallic surface. On the other hand, a wooden peel may ignite as this is a flammable material.

Video: Using it correctly


What else?

So what else can a pizza peel be used for? As stated earlier a pizza peel is like any other peel and can be used in bread and pastry making and it can be used as the work station for building your pizza, pastry or bread instead of using another surface. A peel can also be used as the serving platter of your food. It works just as good as any other tray or dish and you will have fewer dishes to deal with later on when it comes to cleaning up. An old peel that is no longer used in making pizzas can be converted to a chopping board, rather, cutting surface. Plus an old peel can be used as a decorative piece in the kitchen especially if it is a wooden peel as it brings a rustic feel to the kitchen in accompaniment with other kitchen decorations.

Now you know all about the pizza peel; its main uses, its alternative uses, the various types and how to use it. You can now go ahead and improve on your pizza making skills and maybe, decorative skills but remember to take care of your peels. That means, for a wooden pizza peel, not using it as a cutting surface if you intend to still use it for making pizzas or other baked delicacies, oiling it so as to ensure it does not dry out and crack with time and ensuring it air dries well after washing and before storage so that it doesn’t warp. For aluminium metal peels, do not expose them to high alkaline or acidic cleaning agents and also to dishwashers. For both aluminium and stainless steel peels do not use abrasive cleaning pads as they can scratch the surfaces and spoil them and create an environment for rust occurrence when it comes to aluminium. With that in mind, happy shovelling!