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For help, you can contact the private recruitment companies or view samples on the Internet. This document contains the required standard items, as well as the finalized ones, taking into account the future position. When compiling avoid unnecessary information, make out the data in the optimal amount of 1-2 pages. Please note that with a brief statement. Consider in sequence the items required for inclusion in the document. Self-drafting resume for admission to work should fully meet the task of self-presentation. Advertise as an employee, teach yourself in a good light. Provide the following information:

Specified by the applicant information must be reliable. Employers scrutinize information and do not accept people with inconsistencies in resumes to the company. Easy embellishment of the event is allowed. The section contains complete and accurate information clearly stated on personal documents. Specify: Full name, date and place of birth. Address of residence (registration). Use common abbreviations g., St., Smt. Make out information in a compressed form that is accessible for perception. Family status. The employer will receive information about the stability of the emotional state of the employee, the ability to plan trips for him. Preference is given to persons married. The downside to the information may be the recent marriage and planning of children for females. It is allowed to conceal such information.

Contact details. Write a telephone without fail, if you wish email, skype, etc. Place the information in a prominent position of the document for quick communication. Specify available numbers. An unsuccessful call attempt will not encourage the employer to invite you for an interview. A second call will be made only with his great interest. Applicant Education This is an important point of the resume, studied by the employer. Specify information in the most detailed form. In the presence of basic education on a post enter the following data: University, faculty, specialization. If there was a study at a technical school, indicate the institution and qualifications for secondary special education. Period of study. For the unfinished enter data on the number of courses or years.The number of the certificate received.