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Let’s start first with what is a resume, dear friends, and why is it, in principle, necessary In scientific terminology, it is considered that this is a written document that has the necessary information about your past work activity, respectively, and about the baggage of acquired skills, as well as some of the prevailing personal qualities of your character, biographical data, residential addresses and contact details.

In the search for a job, these specific and clear information are simply obligatory, they give the applicant the opportunity to describe his abilities that will make him competitive in the labor market. This is a kind of your business card when you apply for a job, which you give to the head of a company for a brief and quick acquaintance with your personality, as well as a direct hint that you are the right person for the role of a universal employee. In order to make a concise and, at the same time, meaningful business “narration” about yourself, it is advisable to know some golden rules. Let us consider them in detail and clearly now.

The resume you made to work should not be like a talkative story. No need to praise yourself, intends to exaggerate their capabilities in order to please the higher management. Briefly and without much talk, purely businesslike, you need to present your own person, and the text should not take more than two pages. If you rely precisely on the existing format of the document the scheme, then, in fact, do not lose sight of it, so you need to adhere to it clearly and without deviations.

If one of the managers asks you to show off the skills you noted in the form for finding a job, and you lie, you find yourself in a stupid situation and you don’t get, of course, any position, so write the truth and just the truth! If you are talking about a particular fact, then by all means justify it or give the clearest example. Suppose you write that one of your achievements and responsibilities was to train employees in some specific case.