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If you follow these tips, the cover letter should focus on professionalism, motivation to obtain the desired position and awareness of the company these conditions will contribute to a careful study of the resume and invitation to an interview. Personal and contact information First of all, the full surname, name and patronymic, date and place of birth, address of residence (there is enough city and street) and the nearest metro station (if available) are indicated. Then information on the marital status is given. Do not hide your marital status it will still be known.

You should not write about the family and children at the very beginning before specifying your own data the recruiter will draw conclusions about the applicant’s priorities, because the main thing in the office is work, despite the fact that family is the most important value for the majority. Information about marital status is not accidentally part of the summary. However, it is impossible to say exactly what is more important for the employer: diametrically opposite situations are welcome in different positions. Depending on how the personal life of the candidate is formed, the employee’s personnel department can draw the following conclusions: Married (married). If the company does not have a regular working day or frequent business trips, then the employer will prefer the bachelor, because family people are in a hurry to go home in the evenings, and on the weekends they want to be with their relatives, not wanting to plunge into work. Children.

An employee who has a small child will go to the hospital and often ask for leave. Such an employee is psychologically difficult to bring to disciplinary responsibility, dismiss, reduce wages. At the same time, family people are less prone to risks and turn out to be diligent workaholics. Civil marriage. Do not indicate that the candidate is in a civil marriage. This may affect the employer’s opinion about the reliability and stability of the employee at a subconscious level. Not married (not married). The status of an unmarried woman and a bachelor influence the decision of the employer in different ways. Bachelors are not burdened with household chores and can stay in the office if necessary, they love corporate events and can attend training at the company’s expense.

An unmarried woman is perceived as an employee who, sooner or later, begins to pursue a personal life, goes on maternity leave, takes sick leave to care for children. If a woman has reached the age of 35 and has no family, then an opinion may arise about her complex nature and difficulties in communicating with her colleagues. The following are the data for contacting the personnel officer with the applicant: telephone, e-mail. It is not prohibited to make a comment regarding a convenient time for feedback. Sometimes candidates receive an immediate refusal immediately after reading the employer with a resume, there are times when it does not even reach reading the letter. The fact is that a lot of letters come to the address of the company, and an e-mail with a “non-working” name, as a rule, will be sent to the basket. For a job search, it is desirable to have a separate email address.