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In order to make a correct and unmistakable idea about your person, to systematize all the information presented by you as concisely as possible and, at the same time, with a certain emphasis on excellence in this field, you must, of course, use the conventional resume design scheme for a job Find on the Internet a ready-made document form (template) and print it out, and then proceed to fill in according to the following principle: 2. Contact details (create a base of easy and convenient accessibility to you: leave a few phone numbers mobile and city, as well as an email address. Specify the place of your residence, including the index). If your work experience does not match the records in the workbook, when listing the companies in which you worked, you can clarify in brackets the fact that you have no official confirmation of a certain period of your work activity. In this case, it is advisable to indicate ways of communicating with your management and colleagues to confirm this information and obtain your characteristics.

As part of working in one company, indicate all the positions that you held; this will clearly demonstrate to your employers your career growth. You should not write: “Duties according to the job description”, it is desirable to list in detail all the duties that were assigned to you. Be sure to indicate what results you achieved to achieve at previous jobs, for example, “sales increased 2 times,” “electronic document management system was prepared and implemented”, etc. Try to call things by their proper names, but do not confuse official duties with work operations that you performed (not “phoned”, but “negotiated with clients”). Describe the total experience, skills, achievements and all the strengths of your personality that emerged during the previous work. In the resume of the representatives of creative professions there must necessarily be a link to examples of works (portfolio). Additional information. The data in this section carry important information and will separate you from the general competition.

Be sure to include your native language and list all foreign languages ​​that you know even a little in the categories of “professional”, “free”, “technical”, “free reading and translation”. But do not mention the languages ​​of which you know only “Hello” and “Thank you”, otherwise embarrassment is inevitable. In this case, just skip this item. Indicate your level of computer literacy. There is no need to list all the software you have ever run; it’s enough to indicate your level in the “professional user” categories and the main programs that you actually own. Just do not include Windows in this list (except in cases when you take a job as a system administrator) this is the same as writing “I can press the power button on the computer”. But, if you are free to navigate in a Unix environment, it is worth pointing out. If this information is directly related to your functional responsibilities, you should give more detailed information about your certificates confirming your qualifications, and successively list the programs with which you will work. Also specify the typing speed on the keyboard.